Sunday Six: Weekly Highlights (April 18th)


This article from The WSJ about “outdated” styles left such a bad taste in my mouth; its catty tone felt incredibly outdated itself and unnecessarily mean. For example, they claim that loose and comfortable sweaters (what they call “mom cardigans”) “will seriously date you, indicating that you’ve reached a ‘too lazy to try’ state of mind,” adding that the reason they were created in the first place was to “cover a widening behind.” What a gross display of body-shaming and making offensive assumptions; have they considered that someone might wear a sweater simply for warmth or as part of their uniform? Perhaps instead of being “too lazy to try,” we’re actually preoccupied with the horrendous state of the world and trying to survive a pandemic/raise children/succeed at work/juggle all of our roles.

The piece also hates on no-show socks, statement earrings, and skinny jeans: “Squeezing into skinny jeans today will place you in a bygone decade. Or worse, it could get you fashion-cancelled on TikTok, where Gen Z has boisterously condemned skintight denim.” It is laughable that they think grown adults would allow teenagers or some silly app dictate what we wear.

It ends with “Only the very young or very gorgeous could make ‘Dad chinos’ look fresh”, recommending a $320 pair that only the very rich can afford. The whole article felt out of touch, especially considering how we’re still in the midst of a pandemic. Personal style can be simply choosing clothes that work for your lifestyle or it can be a great way to express yourself. Please don’t let terrible articles like this take the fun out of it.


  • As evidenced by the last month, gun violence is out of control in America. No one’s 2nd amendments rights are more important than a human life and we need change now. Everytown for Gun Safety is working on a local and national level to reduce gun violence by advocating for safer policies, producing impactful research, and spreading awareness around prevention.


  • We celebrated a birthday in our bubble this weekend with a delicious box of doughnuts from Firecakes. They offer creative combos, like a Maple Bacon Long John or Pistachio Old Fashioned, alongside upgraded classics, like Tahitian Vanilla and Valrhona Chocolate. I haven’t stopped craving them since!


  • Now that our wedding is officially scheduled for September, I wanted to introduce something into my skincare routine to smooth out lines and create a nice canvas for makeup. I tried Herbivore Botanicals’ Prism Exfoliating Serum last year, which helped with reducing some texture patches and made my skin look glowy. I’m now using an exfoliating toner every other day and wanted a serum that was also hydrating, so I just ordered the Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Serum. I’ll report back once I’ve used it for a few weeks!


  • While I love to bake, I’m not great at cooking, so I’ve been testing out meal kits to help with weeknight dinners. Marley Spoon has been a recent favorite since they have a lot of vegetarian options, offer flexibility for skipping weeks, and frequently send out discounts. The kits are pretty easy to make and always turn out delicious. I’ve found that the prep time noted is usually too short, but like I said, I’m not a great cook, so that could just be me!

Other -ing

Sewing! I started out studying design & fashion in college and made my own blazers, shorts, and dresses that first year. I switched to the business & marketing side in my sophomore year, so I had less and less access to the sewing labs. In the (many) years since, I’ve made a few skirts here and there, but this winter, my mom gave me her sewing machine so I could get back into the swing of it.

Her old Singer is the first sewing machine I learned how to use and it’s still my favorite. Making tiny coin purses on it when I was 10 probably set me on the path that led me to FIT, and there’s still magic in turning something you imagined in your head into a real-life object. I was determined to try something a bit harder this winter, so I made a pinafore dress with a houndstooth fabric I had been holding onto since that first year of college. It’s a little rough around the edges since I didn’t use a pattern, but I wore it for Valentine’s Day, so I’d call it a win.

For last week’s project, I figured something a bit easier and with a pattern would make for a higher-quality finished piece, so I followed this Palazzo Pant DIY. It was relatively simple and taught me a new way to make pockets! I used this fun fabric and they turned out really cute and comfortable.

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