Sunday Six: Weekly Highlights (April 11th)


  • On Friday I got the COVID vaccine and was feeling so emotional afterward. I’m tremendously thankful for the decades of mNRA research that led to these vaccines and for the healthcare workers who are administering them. I’m heartbroken for the millions of people around the world who didn’t make it to this point, and for their family and friends. I’m so relieved after living in fear for the past year, knowing that we have a stronger form of protection in addition to wearing a mask and social distancing. While there are so many more feelings playing tag in my brain, I’ll end on hopeful.


  • I’ve noticed more catalogs and junk mail in my mail box than ever before, which was really frustrating because it’s bad for the environment and I never signed up them. I manually called a few of the companies to request being taken off their mailing list before I came across Catalog Choice. It’s a free service that lets you create a profile and easily unsubscribe from hundreds of catalogs. You just need to enter your address once and then each time you get a new catalog, you simply search for the brand and click unsubscribe. I made a small donation because I use their service every other day!


  • One of the silly things I love about taking a road trip is stopping for fast food; I rarely eat it otherwise, so I really look forward to a good drive-thru. I almost always get chicken tenders, so over the years, I’ve become a bit of a chicken tender connoisseur. Somehow I had never tried Portillo’s chicken tenders before, so on Friday’s trip home I finally tried them and WOW. They’re a high quality tender with a crispy, peppery breading that instantly popped into my top three: Zaxby’s, Portillo’s, and Steak ‘n Shake.


  • Somehow I’ve gone from 4 mixing bowls down to 1 in the past couple months, so while researching sustainable options to replace my plastic set (from college!), I came across Bamboozle thanks to my favorite sustainable shop, Goldune. Bamboozle uses renewable materials, like bamboo fiber, in their home products, which biodegrade in 2-22 years. This dreamy (albeit expensive) mixing bowl set was so thoughtfully designed; it has interior measuring marks, spouts, and feet to keep it steady or tilt to pour. I also love the colors and the space-saving nesting design. The brand also makes these affordable measuring spoons and cups that I’m bookmarking for the future.


  • I’ve been starting my mornings with yoga thanks to Jessica’s YouTube videos. Whether I have 15 minutes or 50; if I want more of a workout or something slower and relaxing, Jessica has such a variety of videos that I can always find something to fit my schedule and mood. Her videos have really helped me to keep up a consistent practice. It’s also a refreshing feeling to start my day with something for that’s just for me instead of diving into work first thing and feeling glued to my desk.

Other -ing

  • Listening to April’s playlist on repeat! If you’re craving tunes that you can groove to, look no further than this short and sweet playlist. I’ve been bouncing to it all week long.

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