The Best Concealer for Maskne? Wander Beauty Dualist Concealer + Lip Retreat Oil Reviews

Lately I’m all about minimal, easy makeup, so I was intrigued by the Wander Beauty Dualist Concealer which has a Matte Stick on one end and an Illuminating Liquid on the other. I’m still dealing with maskne on my chin over a year into the pandemic and have always had dark veins under my eyes, so I figured this duo would be perfect for addressing both.

For maskne, my previous concealers either didn’t have enough coverage or looked really cakey and dry on my chin. The Matte Stick has a great balance between coverage and blendability. It also maintains its matte finish without drying out my skin or looking flaky. I like these crayon type applicators too because they make spot concealing so quick and easy. The wear time lasts from my first Zoom call all way through virtual happy hour as well.

As for brightening the under eye area, I love the consistency of the Illuminating Liquid. Because it’s truly a lightweight liquid versus a heavy cream, it’s so easy to blend in and it looks really natural on the skin. It doesn’t emphasis my wrinkles, but I do need to set it with powder or it will crease. You can definitely see the illuminating effects right away too; it’s lighter than the Matte Stick side plus it has some light reflecting qualities. It’s not shimmery at all – I absolutely hate that in a concealer, but it does bounces light away from my dark veins, so they’re less obvious. If you want more coverage, you can also apply the Matte Stick first and then add the Illuminating Liquid on the top.

Unfortunately the color range is lacking. There are hardly any deeper shades which is disappointing. Conversely, I went with Fair, the lightest option, and it’s borderline too dark for me. It’s more of my mid-summer tone; it would have to be much paler in order to work for me in the winter. For reference, I wear Birch 1.5 in the BareMinerals Foundation Stick and 12N Fair Neutral in Tarte’s Sea Concealer. All of the shades have warm undertones too. Fair has a strong yellow undertone, but thankfully it still works for my neutral undertone once I blend it in. Anyone with pink undertones probably wouldn’t feel the same way.

I also wanted to highlight the Lip Retreat Oil because it’s completely fixed my chronically chapped lips. It is so plush and hydrating! I’ve gone through four tubes in the past year – it’s that good. The clear shade, Oasis, is great because I can use it as an overnight lip mask, lip balm throughout the day, and low maintenance gloss. I think I’ll try one of the tinted versions this summer (potentially to test as a wedding option!).

I’d highly recommend Lip Retreat to anyone experiencing dry lips or looking for a comfortable gloss. As for the Dualist Concealer, I really hope they expand the shade range because it’s convenient to have a dual-ended product where both sides are winners. Once we’re allowed to travel again, this is the kind of multi-purpose product that’s worth the space in your bag because it can replace a couple other items with one little tube! If you’re interested in Wander Beauty, here’s $20 off $40 with my link.

What’s your favorite concealer lately? I’d love any maskne tips too!

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