Sunday Six: Weekly Highlights (April 4th)


  • Yesterday was 65* and sunny, so I spent the day outside, eating in the park and building up some precious vitamin D. There were little buds on all of the trees, pups frolicking in the grass, and the scent of someone grilling floated through the air. It was blissful – and felt normal in a way I haven’t recognized in a year. The changing of the seasons is such a simple joy and I’m welcoming spring with open arms.


  • In light of the horrific violence against AAPI communities, I chose to donate to Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a non-profit that is fighting for equal protection and better representation across the U.S. AAAJ came highly recommended from a friend in the community since their 10 focus areas are more urgent than ever and the organization is very impactful as a whole. The Chicago chapter is currently hiring if you happen to be looking for a new role. I also wanted to share Hollaback’s 5 D’s of Bystander Intervention, which is such an important resource.


  • My parents (who are vaccinated thankfully!) invited us over for Easter and I promised to bring dessert, but yesterday was so nice out that I didn’t want to spend the day baking inside; instead, we popped by our favorite pastry shop in Chicago, Vanille. They always have the best selection: tons of variety, unique flavor combos, and everything is beautiful and delicious. We chose a matcha cheesecake, funfetti cookie, passionfruit tart, mini chocolate cake, and a mix of macarons. I highly recommend a visit if you’re in Chicago.


  • Local! I passed Good Games Chicago on a walk last week and made a mental note to return ahead of our next game night. They have the most impressive selection of games I’ve ever seen and the owner is really nice. There were tons of new-to-me board games and card games along with classics, puzzles, D&D supplies, dice, and more. I chose The Mind while my husband picked Tokyo Highway. Good Games would be a fantastic place to pick up a unique gift for a housewarming, birthday, or kid’s event.


  • I’ve been surprisingly into arranging flowers this week! I don’t know anything about types of flowers or what should go together, but I came across some gorgeous options at Whole Foods and decided to make a bouquet for my gramma’s birthday (pictured above!). These two-tone carnations caught my eye first and I decided to pair them with green hydrangeas; I also added a small pre-made group of yellow daisies, pink lilies, and these dainty purple blooms. The color palette turned out to be so pretty!

Other -ing

  • Composting! I finally started composting in January after being intimidated by it for the latter half of 2020 and I dropped off another batch yesterday. I use Block Bins, which has shared compost bins all over Chicago and is only $10/month. I try to drop off my food scraps every two weeks and keep them stored in double-bagged paper bags (reused from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s!) in my freezer in the meantime. I haven’t experienced any bugs or smells this way thankfully. Composting turned out to be so much easier and more affordable than I had expected, so you should give it a try if you’ve been considering it!

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