Brightland Olive Oil Review: Is it worth the price and hype?

Brightland olive oil the artist capsule

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Brightland, a buzzy newish brand touting olive oil (+ vinegars) from California. The brightly-labeled bottles will run you around $40 each, so this isn’t exactly your standard grocery store EVOO, but I appreciate their thoughtfulness in making UV-coated bottles to protect their oil, providing a harvest date, and highlight artists with their packaging.

I’ve heard rave reviews for over a year now and, as someone who consumes olive oil daily, have had it on my wishlist since. The problem is that I go through a bottle of olive oil pretty quickly (as one should, since it goes bad!), so I figured if I got hooked on this fantastic, U.S.-grown olive oil, my wallet would be very unhappy OR it would spoil me for my go-to, not-too-precious Colavita. (It has a nice, peppery flavor, but it’s still affordable enough that I don’t feel guilty cooking with it.)

A couple weeks ago, I happened upon a surprise balance in my PayPal account. This is what I call fun money – since I didn’t know it existed, it’s not part of my budget and can be spent however. Sometimes I’m feeling responsible and in the mood to save or invest, but I needed some retail therapy, so I decided to finally splurge on Brightland.

Brightland olive oil

I was most intrigued by their flavored versions, like garlic, lemon, chili, and basil; I decided to go with The Artist Capsule which includes the latter three. I love spicy food and lemon and usually put basil on my lunch anyway, so I figured I’d get the most out of this group. Arise is the basil version, and it’s delicious and flavorful without being overpowering. It’s the perfect topper for my typical lunch: an open-faced Caprese salad sandwich. The chili olive oil, Ardor, is actually my favorite of the bunch. It has a great kick and is equally tasty on pizza and veggies. Lucid, the lemon flavor, offers a pleasant twist on your typical olive oil. It really brightens up a salad or pasta dish.

Will Brightland replace my standard cooking olive oil? Definitely not, but as part of a dressing/sauce or topping off my typical meals, it feels like a lovely little treat. Would I have purchased it if I didn’t find that PayPal balance? Honestly, no. My husband spilled a little bit and we both joked “There goes five dollars“, so it’s safe to say we’re being a bit more precious with it than the typical kitchen ingredient.

If you’re an olive oil fanatic and in the mood to treat yourself, I think you’ll be happy with Brightland. If you couldn’t care less about olive oil or don’t use it very often, I don’t think you’re missing out and wouldn’t splurge on this. In my opinion, the best gifts are those you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself (because they’re too expensive/frivolous/etc.), so I think Brightland would make a fantastic gift. I used code WELCOME10 for $10 off my first order, so perhaps try that!


  1. I used to take olive oil for granted until I took a food tour in Nice, France. It stopped at an olive oil business that had been operating for over 150 years. After doing tastings of their varieties we are now hooked on the good stuff (organic EVOO and white balsamic vinegar) and long to get back there.

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